Discoveries from our “Friends and Family” trial

Our system is now deployed and being used by Transdev and WYCA employees and a few friends. The launch has gone well, with only a couple of minor tweaks. In some ways, the beacons have been too successful. Their range is better in completely open areas than expected. So, we’ve had to tune the bus stop beacons down slightly as some stops are so close together that you could walk into the range of the next stop while still in range of the bus. This had the effect of sometimes looking like you’d travelled further than you had. This was quickly corrected and journeys are being made, recorded and the data converted into fares.
We did have one challenging traveller who looked like he was riding the bus all day and only occasionally boarding and alighting and even less often registering to ride. We’d already seen examples of people who get the bus one way and travel home with a friend by car, and people who walked the routes, so we were used to seeing and diagnosing real and pseudo journeys. We scratched our brains for a bit and then wondered if he was a bus driver. A quick call confirmed he was and the real trips were his journey to and from work. We’ve had some interesting challenges but so far the system is converting all the journeys as trips and highlighting areas we might want to look at.
It’s been an interesting couple of weeks and our confidence for the public trial is very high.

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