Keighley Trial Update

Keighley trial update

The last week saw a big step forward in our progress towards the 662Pay trial in Keighley in January. We have configured and deployed all the beacons to the bus stops and buses. At nearly 200 beacons this makes it one of the largest deployments of beacons in the UK to date. We now have 29 buses and 102 bus stops beaconised.

It is exciting that you can travel the whole 662 route with a scanner and see the bus beacons and the bus stops come and go. As I write the first field tests of the app are taking place and after a year of work it is great to see it working in a real world environment.

The deployment to the bus stops was quicker than expected with all the stop beacons deployed in less than a day by a team of two. There was only a small minor mix up where two beacons with similar numbers where switched on deployment but this was quickly found and corrected in the beacon management system.

With only six weeks to go before the first phase of the trial starts it is amazing to see it all coming together so well.

Watch this space for further upates.

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