Keighly trial is ready to start

Keighley’s 662 shuttle service is about to step into the future of ticketing with the introduction of Becotix’s bluetooth based touchless ticketing system. After a year’s development and testing this new app based system will allow passengers to travel without the need to worry about what kind of ticket to buy. Passengers simply load funds into their account on the system and then travel. The system automatically calculates the best value ticket from a single, return, daily cap and even a weekly cap. Once passengers hit the daily or weekly cap they travel without further charge on that day or week.
Travel is tracked on the app as it sees beacons on the buses and bus stops. Then, all the complex calculations happen in the main system when the data is downloaded. Here the journey is calculated and then the correct fare is be allocated. Once this is complete the journey information is sent back to app for the passenger to see.
This trial on a popular commuter route between Bradford and Keighly goes live with a “Friends and Family” trial in January.

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