Machine Zone and New Zealand

Machine Zone and New Zealand

Wow, I’ve just listened to an interview with Gabriel Leydon the CEO of Machine Zone. In case you’ve never heard of them Machine Zone are the makers of world leading on line games Mobile Strike and Game of War. You’ve probably seen Arnie and his phone in the Mobile Strike add calling in a tank atack which is currently being aired on TV.

I’m not a gamer so why was this exciting…… well almost as a through away comment he announced they had just signed a deal with the New Zealand transport services to use the Machine Zone platform for tracking and managing travel. While the Machine Zone empire is built on games they are actually a provider of a real time platform that allows millions of users to interact on line simaultaneously. Its massive opportunity and a potential hugh expansion for Machine Zone. They expect if all the NZ travellers use the system it will use less than 1% of their current platform.

Information on what it will do is quite sketchy at the moment but expect to see real time of the whole transport system on your phone and ability to predict what will happen in the near future to service. Once a customer has this kind of app on their phone it’s a small step to ticketing, increased patronage and customised routes as you start to find out how people really travel.

I can’t wait to find out more and as soon as we can it will be on the Becotix blog.

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