Our full trial is now underway

The full trial of the Becotix system on the 662 bus route has now been running for three weeks. 290 people have applied to join the trial. Of these, 240 were eligible for the trial and have been invited to participate, most in the last two weeks. We’ve yet to see how many actually travel but a good percentage have downloaded the app and over 40 have travelled.
Our intention was always to create a ticketing system that did not require the traveller to have to think too much about what they were doing. It’s straight forward: top the phone up and when you want to ride just open the app, push the ride button, show the pass to the driver and then carry on with whatever you were doing. It seems to have worked. There are no instructions on the phone and some very simple FAQs on the web site. Initial feedback from customers has been very positive and they have taken to use it with no fuss or bother.
To ensure we are tracking journeys correctly, we have some monitoring flags set to highlight potential problem journeys and are undertaking random reviews of journey logs to ensure that the system is interpreting trips as expected.
There have been some minor issues. There were a couple of teething problems where the app was getting stuck on the “cannot ride” screen because people had either run out of funds or not synced with the back office. Smoothing the timing settings in the app quickly resolved this.
There has been a good cross section of phones used in the trial and the app seems quite happy with all but one. We are working with the customer to identify what the problem is and will provide an update in a later blog.
The system has been demonstrated to a number of visitors and transport people and, although it’s early days yet, they are all impressed with how easy it is to use and how quickly it has been deployed.

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