Scottish Smartcard users deserve better

A news item in the Fife Courier bemoans a new smartcard service. The Scottish rail smart card users have been left counting the cost of moving from a paper-based season ticket to a new smart card. It appears that the new card does not allow the same area of travel as before and typically only a few extra journeys a week could cost £700 a year.

Sadly this is type of problem is not uncommon as different operator’s cards and systems do not simply integrate. The move to contactless EMV will certainly improve this situation, but just changes one set of problems for another. Both current systems and contactless both require a great deal of expensive infrastructure to make it work. Here at Becotix we are looking to sweep away a great deal of the infrastructure and complexity. We can even integrate our back end into legacy (ITSO) systems so all travel data can be combined. If you want to find out more contact us

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