Our full trial is now underway

The full trial of the Becotix system on the 662 bus route has now been running for three weeks. 290 people have applied to join the trial. Of these, 240 were eligible for the trial and have been invited to participate, most in the last two weeks. We’ve yet to see how many actually travel but a good percentage have downloaded the app and over 40 have travelled. Our intention was always to create a »

Discoveries from our “Friends and Family” trial

Our system is now deployed and being used by Transdev and WYCA employees and a few friends. The launch has gone well, with only a couple of minor tweaks. In some ways, the beacons have been too successful. Their range is better in completely open areas than expected. So, we’ve had to tune the bus stop beacons down slightly as some stops are so close together that you could walk into the range of the »