Our full trial is now underway

The full trial of the Becotix system on the 662 bus route has now been running for three weeks. 290 people have applied to join the trial. Of these, 240 were eligible for the trial and have been invited to participate, most in the last two weeks. We’ve yet to see how many actually travel but a good percentage have downloaded the app and over 40 have travelled. Our intention was always to create a »

Discoveries from our “Friends and Family” trial

Our system is now deployed and being used by Transdev and WYCA employees and a few friends. The launch has gone well, with only a couple of minor tweaks. In some ways, the beacons have been too successful. Their range is better in completely open areas than expected. So, we’ve had to tune the bus stop beacons down slightly as some stops are so close together that you could walk into the range of the »

Keighly trial is ready to start

Keighley’s 662 shuttle service is about to step into the future of ticketing with the introduction of Becotix’s bluetooth based touchless ticketing system. After a year’s development and testing this new app based system will allow passengers to travel without the need to worry about what kind of ticket to buy. Passengers simply load funds into their account on the system and then travel. The system automatically calculates the best value ticket from »

Keighley Trial Update

Keighley trial update The last week saw a big step forward in our progress towards the 662Pay trial in Keighley in January. We have configured and deployed all the beacons to the bus stops and buses. At nearly 200 beacons this makes it one of the largest deployments of beacons in the UK to date. We now have 29 buses and 102 bus stops beaconised. It is exciting that you can travel the whole 662 route »

Becotix at Smartex TCF 2016

A last minute change due to Rob becoming the proud father of twins (congratulations, Rob!) meant that Andy Nash stood in at the September Transport Card Forum. Becotix were one of the key innovation speakers at this leading UK forum for ticketing and ticketing innovation. The event was attended by a wide mix of interested parties including UK Authorities, transport operators and ticketing suppliers. With TCF this year being a Leeds based event, the first day »