The last mile or how the sharing economy can help public transport

It’s hard not to have heard of UBER and its disruptive influence. What if they combined with public transport to enhance or even replace bus and rail service! Well the city of Altamonte Springs has recently made a deal with Uber where the city will cover 20% – 25% of the cost of Uber trips done inside or into the city. A study in Atlanta also suggests redirecting 1% of the public investment in transport would cover a whole years’ worth of subsidized travel in bus and rail deprived areas. Some big ideas and you can find more detail in this article “The last mile”

It does suggest a whole host of opportunities for linking public transit to the new economy of the likes of UBER and Bla Bla cars. The real question who will get there first to control this space. Will it be the current crop of new apps and service provider or will cities and transport authorities grasp the challenge and start to invest in new technology to deliver this. Account based travel lends itself nicely to this and while point solutions will grow it will be how the services get integrated which will make or break them.

Here in Becotix we are looking forward to shaping this brave new world and if you want to share our vision or let us help you shape yours contact a Becotix expert.

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